it is, right?
\this is going on and on
actions, not people
\should you speak up? yes
you sure? no
\this sure-ness is curing me into a slab of bacon, a colony of carried off. leave some room there
and icons\carried off; runaway/ stanza break/ the resist what they're doing
mentally reserve some trouble
\"know the limits of your direct perceptions"
the person
day long / be careful
\I am burning my wicks all day and dedicating nothing
basic kinds of tserma/ correct or valid perceptions
. mun.tSum tSema : direct perception
awareness of colors and shapes
awareness of the sound that I'm speaking
"obvious reality" = mungyum
. jeypah tSema : deductive perception

very subtle workings of karma
very hidden
Max Tabackman Fenton was younger then.
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