/20050328-when you learn to be /20050321-seasons are just a sh /20050316-psalms /20050310-the universe /20050307-Tonight. /20050305-Tonight. /20050227-the impulse /20050227-dreams /20050131-you should /20050131-winterfire /20050119-when asked /20050114-I'm leaving toni /20050111-an ongoing discussion /20050106-the daily hoax /20050103-make more of your day /20041230-this one down /20041216-she says on the phone /20041214-untitled.JPG /20041214-caulfield.jpg /20041210-another friday night /20041209-wishes /20041208-the boom /20041207-the slingshot effect /20041205-Off by an hour, off b /20041203-Falling so slightly I /20041202-on the road back, hom /20041130-greatness /20041130-back and to the left /20041129-t&t /20041126-wandering through gre /20041122-another time of year /20041103-election.rtf /20041103-don't be afraid.rtf /20041103-complicated.gif /20041103-complicated.ai /20041015-a quiet summer, a lon /20040920-monday /20040907-write /20040816-perhaps the route to /20040726-low /20040726-I am I am /20040624-please tell me this. /20040604-what I heard today /20040601-$ /20040600-sogrood.jpg /20040600-kingpuketopus.jpg /20040523-untitled /20040523-honeysuckle season /20040515-untitled.jpg /20040512-untitled.jpg

Max Tabackman Fenton was younger then.
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